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STARS (a.k.a. SSAR or SRAR)

The Self-reported Testing and Academic Record System (STARS) is a  product suite (also known as SSAR or SRAR) designed specifically for higher education institutions seeking to streamline their admissions process. With STARS, colleges save time and money normally spent receiving, encoding, imaging, and filing transcripts. Electronic academic records are automatically loaded into the college’s current student information system (SIS) or CRM for easy application review and records management.


Application for Admission

Our application for admission can be customized for your university/college and supports integration with third-party applications, in case your college seeks exposure to prospective students on several platforms. Additionally, you can opt to use several ScarletCS services for single sign-on for your prospective students from K-12/PreCollege programs through application for admission to enrollment.


Simphony CRM is an enterprise-level customer relationship management (CRM) system designed to help you  communicate with customers and track interactions. Available modules include messaging (email/text/etc), form builder, travel expense tracking, reporting/statistics, and recruitment event management with tour reservations. Each module integrates with other ScarletCS products such as STARS, MyCollegeFuture portal, K-12/PreCollege directory, and application for admission.


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